Anaru Rondon

Date of birth
07 Sep 1966
Anaru Rondon
Ngati Rangitihi, Ngai Tuhoe, Ngapuhi, Ngati Ruanui

Carver, Traditional Tool Maker

Anaru began his journey as a traditional Maori tool maker, first collecting pre-European Maori and Pacific material over 30 years ago. Wanting to know more about the objects he would acquire he began studying and researching both museum and private collections. He studied at Te Wananga o Te Awanuiarangi in Whakatane. Developing his practice through experimentation, Anaru created his first toki out of greywacke stone. After completing a certificate in 1993 Anaru went on to complete a degree in Maori studies in 1996 under Hirini Moko Mead, Tamati Kruger, Joe Mason and Matt Te Pou. Anaru comes from a background of Ngati Rangitihi, Ngai Tuhoe, Ngapuhi, Ngati Ruanui and Celtic, and now resides in Gisborne/ Turanga where he continues the art of Maori customary tool making, specializing in toki (stone adzes) for practical use which he uses to make other taonga from wood. Anaru has been able to pursue his passion of customary tools and weapons through living a self sufficient lifestyle.

“ Hold firm to these taonga, for they are priceless beyond measure. They are linked to your past, to your present, and to your future. They bring the three together, it is a continuation of life that is priceless. Therefore, be strong, stand tall, and be proud. Be stout-hearted and forever keep these precious treasures of your ancestors alive and well. Give it heaps! ‘He toki iti, he rite he tangata.’ (A toki may be small, but it is as precious as a person.)”
– Anaru Rondon

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