Francis Fortescue Croft Huddleston

Date of birth
31 Mar 1846
Date of death
10 Oct 1922
Went to school in Brittany.
Parents were for 10 years in Canada, came to New Zealand ahead of their son and when he arrived from England on the "China" he was said to have been greeted by his father's friends, Te Rauparaha and Tamihana. Finished his education at Nelson College 1863-64.
Studied drawing at the Technical School, Wanganui and scenic painting under Herr Carl Vennermark, in Auckland.
He was Art Master of Nelson College 1898 - 1918 and was a member of the Bishopdale Sketching Club, later Nelson Suter Art Society.
Was keenly interested in Natural History, tamed keas and was very practical. Was said to have chosen the site for the first building of the Hermitage at Mount Cook, and was the first manager, 1884-94.


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