Chalet Rendezvous

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21 Dec 1957
The Rendezvous by the Sea
In the list of facilities and attractions which Gisborne can offer to the outside world, the Chalet Rendezvous at Wainui Beach, opened last year, occupies a unique position. Set by the sea, backed by the hills, endowed with a beautiful building, luxurious guest quarters and a cuisine second to none, it is earning for itself a high reputation with visitors, quite a few of whom have been from overseas.

The Chalet is a dream come true for Mr and Mrs C. Fankhauser, whose efficient and hospitable management is not the least admirable feature of this unusual holiday resort. They have set out to create, and have achieved, something which blends the characteristics of their homeland, Switzerland, with the land of their adoption, New Zealand. This applies not only to the architecture of the buildings, and its interior decoration, but also to the cuisine. The result, in all its aspects, is a credit to them.

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