Canoe prow/ tauihu. Carved with metal tools by Raharuhi Rukupo. Painted red-brown. Has a 3 dimensional manaia head at the prow end with the tongue protruding. Has two smaller manaia heads, one behind each eye. At the other end, on one lateral side, there is a carved area (roughly rectangular in shape and horizontal/ landscape in orientation). The carving is a stylised figure with a manaia face behind it (at the end nearest to the stern). The oposite side does not have a rectangular protrusion toward the stern end, it is likely damaged. On the top there is a stylised face, the right hand side of the face is partially damaged.
Maker and role
Raharuhi Rukupo (b.Circa 1800, d.1873): Carver

Length: 1100mm: 0 - Whole
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