One black and white photo of a group of men and women standing around the entranceway to a building. A sign attached to the building and partially obscured reads: DRILLING SUERINTEN / ADMINISTRATIVE ASS.
On the reverse the following words are written: 1960-61 BP Shell & Todd staff.
People in the photo are as follows:
1. Barry McGuinness 2. Neil Post 3. N G (Dick) O'Halloran 4. Boyd Blennerhassett 5. R H W Ambrose 6. Bruce Morrison 7. R D (Jim) Hawkins 8. Briar Dods 9. Merlene Maxwell 10. Glenys Rosie 11. Marilyn Oates 12. Dr M F (Mike) Ridd 13. Marion Dowell 14. Catherine Johnston 15. Maire Ashton 16. Charlie Borlase 17. Colin Laing 18. E J Ted McGann 19. Barbara Norman 20. Trixie Love 21. Dr Peter Phizackerley 22. Miriam Anderson 23. R L Greenham 24. Catherine Barry 25. Dr Graham Jenkins 26. Mary van Cattenburch
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