Lens Testing Chart

Lens testing chart and instructions in paper envelope, printed in black. On the envelope is: "LENS TESTING CHART / AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER / Printed in England. There are sets of four squares which have a number beside them. Inside each of the four squares are parallel lines, one with horizontal, one vertical, one diagonally to the left, and one diagonally to the right. The chart replicates the information on the front of the envelope on a series of cards, joined together at the tops and bottoms and folded in a concertina. There is a cotton tape handle at the top. There are three loose cards . The booklet: "MANUAL / of the / "AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER" / LENS-TESTING CHART / by / A. L. M. SOWERBY / B.A., M.Sc., A.R.P.S. / Editor of AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER".
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